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Past Results
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1D 1st Rileigh Harper "Lena"- Buckle
1D 2nd Carley Hill "Perks For The Girls"-breast collar
2D 1st Shannon Bourgeois "Sir Habit"-Buckle
2D 2nd Cierra Rumfield "Firecracker" -breast collar
3D 1st Debra Powledge "Buckin Lucy"- Buckle
3D 2nd Carey Benton "Leon" - breast collar
4D 1st Bailey Ward "Sadie" -Buckle
4D 2nd Kali Linville "Willy" breast collar 

Congratulations Ladies on your June CLEBURNE FORD BUCKLE SERIES win!!!!!
​Latest Results

Left to right  Cindy Allen Champion 3D, Glenda Thompson Res Champion 3D, Debra Powledge Champion 4D,  Di Cross Champion 2D  
Congratulations to all August Series winners:
1D Champion                            Kayli Morris
      Res                                      Alana Zaskoda
2D Champion                            Di Cross
      Res                                      Kelly Freund
3D Champion                            Cindy Allen
      Res                                      Glenda Thompson
4D Champion                             Debra Palledge
      Res                                      Teresa McClendon
October 2012
 Name Time Money Won
 "Sadye Canaan" 15.093$135.00 
 "Kay Wyatt" 15.637$125.00 
 "Chandler Fletcher" 15.802$0.00 
 "Brooke Jeter" 15.841$0.00 
 "Rikki Self" 15.876$0.00 
 "Glenda Thompson" 16.212$120.00 
 "Kyndal Terry" 16.256$0.00 
 "Maci Berry" 16.276$0.00 
 "Angie Valla" 16.691$110.00 
 "Trisha Welty" 16.828$0.00 
 "Eddie Nolan" 16.951$0.00 
 "Cassie Jo Camp" 17.269$0.00 
 "Bailey Ward" 17.345$0.00 
 "Sophie Jahn" 17.955$0.00 
 "Savannah Christian" 17.974$0.00 
 "Stephanie Friar" 115.908$0.00 
 "Janna Eubank" 116.011$0.00 
 "Stephanie Castle" 117.229$0.00 
 "Nitzana Solberg" 216.199$0.00 
 "Miki Solberg" 216.724$0.00 
 "Reagan Maples" 217.031$0.00 
 "Trey Goodwin" 217.702$0.00 
 "Brooke Jeter" 1215.051$0.00 
 "Leah Jahn" 1215.804$0.00 
 "LizAnn Cornelius" 1217.219$0.00 
 "Leah Jahn" 10000$0.00